The main objectives of our school are to help children learn good social skills and to stimulate their intellectual abilities in such a way that they are well prepared for Kindergarten. Palm Harbor Creative Learning Academy uses developmentally appropriate curriculum in all classrooms.

Our teachers communicate and listen carefully to children’s responses. Conversations help children build their vocabulary and writing skills. We also provide lots of opportunities for children to build their reading skills.
Small class sizes allow us to provide lots of individual care. We understand that children develop at different rates.

Palm Harbor Creative Learning Academy uses Beyond Cribs & Rattles curriculum for our young children ages birth through three. This curriculum is play based and designed to stimulate creative play for young children. Beyond Cribs & Rattles is a curriculum based on the developmental standards used by all and researched for over 25 years. Research shows that once a child masters the stages of play it will increase their skills for success in reading, writing, and math.