PHCLA uses developmentally appropriate curriculum models in all classrooms. Our teachers communicate and listen carefully to children’s responses.  Conversations help children build their emergent reading skills.  Small class size allows for individualized attention and care. We teach the children in our center to respect others, appreciate the world we live in, and establish self-confidence.  Children leave our school with a strong foundation to build their academic future.

For our infants and toddlers (ages 12 to 36 months), our center uses two distinct resources as our base curricula; Beyond Cribs and Rattles by Dr. Pamela Phelps and the Florida Early Learning Standards Birth to Kindergarten.  Teachers contribute to their lesson plans with teacher-made activities, child-initiated opportunities and experiences, and hands-on activities.  Beyond Cribs and Rattles is play-based and scaffolds on existing base knowledge to stimulate active learning in all areas of development.  We have a weekly and/or monthly theme which is incorporated into the activities, songs, fingerplays, music, movement, pretend play, and art.